Published 2022-01-11
Indrawarman Soerohardjo Andy Zulfiqqar Prahara Yuri Ahmad Zulfan Hendri


Objective: This study aims to compare 4 years of experience of IC and TUUC in the same period and among similar experienced surgeons. Material & Methods: Between January 2016 and August 2019, 44 radical cystectomies were performed, but 4 patients were excluded due to incomplete data or who underwent neo-bladder procedures. The primary endpoint was 30 days of complication rate and intraoperative complications. Bowel movement, ambulation, and length of stay (LOS) postoperatively were followed-up over a period of 30-day postoperatively. Results: 12 male patients underwent TUUC and 24 male patients IC, while only 4 female patients underwent IC. The mean of LOS of IC was 12.72  8.6 and 10.08 3.5 for TUUC; there were no significant differences between arms. However, TUUC had lower intra-operatively bleeding (779.17  441.15 ml) compared to IC (1328.57  810.40 ml). There was no difference in early complications between arms. Conclusion: Our results suggest that TUU with UC diversion may be used as a viable option of urinary diversion in radical cystectomy. This technique provides similar safety both surgically and oncologically.



Ileal conduit, transureteroureterostomy with ureterocutaneostomy (TUUC), intra-operative complications, post-operative follow-up


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