Published 2022-01-11
Stefanus Cahyo Ariwicaksono Hendy Mirza


Objective: This study aims to show our first case of female with periurethral condyloma and how we managed it. Case(s) Presentation: A 40-year-old female came with asymptomatic lesion in the genital area for 4 months, without any history of promiscuity. The physical examination showed a mass of 5 x 5 cm located in the periurethral area. The patient underwent mass excisions without any complication, further pathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of CA. Discussion: After operation and discharge there are no sign of recurrence after 6 months follow up. Conclusion: Despite the rare occurrence in periurethral region, clinicians should be aware of CA case in female and for our first case we used mass excision with satisfactory result.



condyloma acuminate, mass excision, periurethral condyloma


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